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Track NameShreds Over Hot House
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Stanco's Time - CD




Track Listing:


1. Showtime 5:21
2. Stanco's Time 6:33
3. Hot House 4:10
4. If You Could See Me Now 7:34
5. Josie Rosie 6:27
6. Dig 2:08
7. Deep Time 7:35
8. Worth the Time 7:35
9. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me 6:54
10. Minor Time 5:18
11. Ask Me Now 3:07
12. Now's the Time 6:40





Anthony Stanco - trumpet
Walter Blanding - tenor sax (8,9,12)
Randy Napoleon - guitar
Xavier Davis - piano
Rodney Whitaker - bass
Joe Farnsworth - drums


June 21st Release

Editorial Reviews

Detroit-bred trumpeter & composer Anthony Stanco is a 5th generation Italian American, steeped in the tenets of Black American Music: blues, bebop, and the progressive fire that fuels modern jazz. In his sound, the guidance of Dizzy Gillespie, Lee Morgan, Clifford Brown, and Miles Davis, as well as his close mentors Marcus Belgrave and Rodney Whitaker, is evident and clearly celebrated. Full of joyous, vibrant discoveries, "Stanco's Time" announces not only a trumpeter entering his primetime, but also suggests the idea of traveling back to New York's 52nd Street circa 1955, with fresh, fiery sounds billowing out of clubs, marking a monumental cultural revolution. Along with his quintet - guitarist Randy Napoleon, pianist Xavier Davis, Rodney Whitaker on bass and drummer Joe Farnsworth - Stanco deftly avoids the trap of repertory imitation and hero worship by imbuing his originals and arrangements with life, fire, and relevancy. "... The emotional source of each of Stanco's tracks is always something incredible that speaks to places we've all been, a place we've all shared." PARIS MOVE

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