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Track NameShreds Over Hot House
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Anthony Stanco performs live
Track NameHow Deep is the Ocean
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Anthony Stanco, a trumpet virtuoso hailing from Southeast Michigan, embodies the soulful essence of Detroit's musical legacy. Fueled by the city's vibrant rhythms, Stanco hones his craft under the tutelage of local luminaries like Marcus Belgrave and Rodney Whitaker, absorbing their wisdom like the note of a melody.


Venturing beyond his hometown, Stanco's musical journey led him to the bustling streets of Manhattan, where he refined his skills at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music under the guidance of renowned brass guru Laurie Frink. Eventually, he returned to Michigan State University to complete his formal education, leaving an indelible mark by clinching first place in the International Trumpet Guild's coveted 2013 Jazz Improvisation Competition.


As leader of The Crucial Elements, Stanco commands attention with a distinctive blend of talent and charisma. Their music transcended borders while they served as cultural ambassadors through the US State Department's “American Music Abroad” program. From the rhythmic pulse of South Africa to the exotic melodies of Indonesia, they enrapture audiences worldwide, gracing esteemed stages such as the Java Jazz Festival and the Cairo Jazz Club.


Stanco's musical prowess extends beyond the stage, as evidenced by his critically acclaimed albums, including the electrifying "The Crucial Elements" and the soul-stirring "You Know The Feeling." His upcoming release, "Stanco’s Time," promises to further captivate listeners with its innovative soundscapes, set to be released on Origin Records.


A firm believer in paying it forward, Stanco channels his passion for music into education, nurturing the next generation of talent. Whether as a guest artist at prestigious institutions, or as an assistant professor at Michigan State University, his commitment to fostering musical excellence knows no bounds.


In recognition of his contributions to the jazz community, Stanco was awarded a Jazz Road Tours grant, allowing him to embark on a transformative journey through the heartland of America. As a proud Bach Trumpet endorsing artist, he continues to inspire and elevate the world of jazz with each note he plays.

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